Save Margaret River!

Save Margaret River!

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Katie Rowe started this petition to Marriott and

If you love Margaret River as you know it then please sign this petition!

Hello, My name is Katie, I am an Aboriginal woman from the West Coast trying to preserve sacred land in the Margaret River Region, building on this land is highly inappropriate and destructive, cultural sensitivities have not once been considered in these construction decisions, can you please help us on this fight to save sacred land?

Marriott International is planning to cut down our trees, remove native wildlife, and replace them with a 70-million-dollar resort, large residential buildings and even apartment blocks.

This billion-dollar corporation has over 230 hotels across our country and globe, and they want to place another one of their large resorts in Margaret River the size of 3+ football fields, they have also recently made us aware that this hotel is just 1/5 of the destructive plans they have going, and they are planning on building upon 6.9 hectares (17 acres) of land in the up and coming years.

It is all said to be a “strategic move” because of Margaret Rivers growing popularity, but, we just see it as a GREEDY move.

The company filed a claim in 2004 but their claim was rejected due to public protest, but now with the help of our premier "Mark McGowan" it has been APPROVED and unless it is stopped the resort will be scheduled to be opened by 2023!

Margaret River tourism may have taken a hit during COVID-19, but this is definitely NOT A VALID EXCUSE to destroy the land, remove wildlife and invite high levels of destruction this hotel will inevitably bring. The money could be used in areas directly impacting the local community, Margaret River DOES NOT NEED a resort to return to a steady pace, it needs its community, locals and small owned businesses supported.

Continuing to build up Margaret River will take away its character and everything we ever knew it to be. Soon Margaret River will be just like every other busy, overpopulated, built-up town along our Australian coastline, it will no longer be special.

This is a decision built on greed and destruction, but we need to protect what is left of Australia’s land, wildlife and say enough is ENOUGH.

Let us keep Margaret River a community, more small businesses and less multibillion-dollar companies.

If nothing is done and voices are not heard, then we can say goodbye to the pristine place we called Margaret River for good!!



Wanting to help further by donating? donations on this platform will only promote this petion, but this fight needs donations directly going towards the hard working group "Preserve Gharabup" this is a local community group who are determined to save Margaret River and stop Marriot, by donating to this group your money will have much more use to the local community, allowing the group to gather resources, continue running their volunteer service and connecting with others who can assist with the fight to preserve! 

Your donation will directly help the community by using the details below, again: any donations on change. org will only promote the petition. 

Cape to Cape Lawyers.
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0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!