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Say NO To Laxton Reserve as a Dog Park

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This petition is to tell Marrickville Council that Laxton Reserve in Dulwich Hill (a small, long-established children’s park and community) is totally inappropriate as a dog park. There was no community consultation ahead of the ongoing 6 month ‘Off the Leash trial', yet in Marrickville Council’s own research it states Laxton Reserve is too small to be a dog park (Marrickville Council, 2012).

Please sign this petition if you are a regular park user, dog owner and/or resident and opposed to Laxton Reserve becoming the local dog park for any of the following reasons:

  • Many families are now scared to have their children play at Laxton Reserve for fear of the dogs.
  • Many families no longer want to have parties, barbecues and picnics in Laxton Reserve for fear of the dogs.
  • Many children are now too scared to play soccer, cricket, T-ball, chase, fly kites, fly remote controlled planes, etc. as they have always done for fear of the dogs.
  • Many elderly people are now fearful of being bowled over by large dogs.
  • Dog owners are being set up to fail by exercising their dogs in too small a park such that their dogs are running into the playground, barbecue area, picnics, private backyards, grabbing children’s balls and toys etc. before they can be stopped.
  • The local (land-locked) primary school uses Laxton Reserve for physical education yet Marrickville Council didn’t even know this or perform the due diligence to find out. Now the school is limited to the toddlers playground and barbecue area behind the open fence or the very hot Arlington Oval with no shade.
  • The fence - it is open at both ends thereby still allowing dogs to run into the playground whilst demarcating 2/3 of a small park to dogs and only 1/3 for children.
  • This dog park initiative is dividing the community, not developing the community.
  • Confrontations have ensued due to the inappropriate size and layout of Laxton Reserve between dog owners, other park users and residents.
  • These confrontations are very stressful for all concerned.
  • Children have already been attacked, knocked over, chased, snapped at and their toys and balls grabbed by dogs.
  • Picnics continue to be walked through and picnic food interfered with by dogs.
  • The Off the Leash area is right where private residents’ entryways open into the park (a unique feature of Laxton Reserve).
  • Private homes have already been invaded many times by dogs.
  • Residents' cats have already been chased and cornered by dogs.
  • Dogs are continually urinating on residents’ entryways.
  • Dogs being exercised are barking incessantly within 5m of 100 people’s modest, medium/high density homes from 6am in the morning to late into the evening.
  • Dogs are being walked off-leash through the playground and barbecue area.
  • Under NSW State law, dogs are prohibited within 10m of any children's playing apparatus. This makes it almost impossible for dogs to legally enter Laxton Reserve (whether on or off-leash) from Union Street.
  • Under NSW State law, dogs are prohibited within 10m of any food preparation/consumption areas. 
  • Many dog owners would prefer Johnson Park and resent being forced out after many years of such use.
  • Marrickville Council’s own report (2012) recommended Johnson Park over Laxton Reserve.
  • There are bandicoots in Laxton Reserve just as there are in Johnson Park (bandicoots are the reason why dogs were run out of Johnson Park and why Council’s own research was dismissed out of hand).

Recreation Needs for Marrickville (Marrickville Council, 2012)
Marrickville Recreation Policy and Strategy 2013 (Marrickville Council, 2013)
Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87 - Section 14 (NSW Government, 2013)

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