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I see the petitions for individual states to change their marriage laws and lift bans on gay marriage, but I haven't yet found a petition designed to demonstrate the growing sympathy of our nation towards the LGBT community's on-going struggle with discrimination against gay marriage. If we profess to believe in equality there is no room to pick and choose to whom we disperse certain rights too. The "inalienable" right of marriage is currently "alienated" from a portion of our population. We, as a people, need to defend that right--for everyone. One day we will look back and be dismayed at how long it took us to grant our American brothers and sisters ALL of their rights, but that day won't come till we speak up and enact change. Help speed that day along by signing this--or any other marriage equality--petition.

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As a member of the United States Federal Government you are in a position to affect legal change at a Federal level. When it comes to protecting the constitutional rights of American citizens this is where the change must occur. Just as in the past with gender and racial discrimination a basic right of a particular group of Americans is being withheld. It is not a matter of whether your own personal beliefs align with the right of same gender couples to marry, but whether you believe in the equal endowment of constitutional rights among the people of this nation. You do not have to agree with every religion to believe in the right to religious freedom, just as you do not have to agree with gay marriage to believe in the right to marital equality. Please fight for equality with us. Please help affect a change towards marriage equality for the LGBT Community.