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Petitioning Marquette County Road Commission

Marquette County Road Commission: Minimize Tree Removal on CR510 and Triple A

The natural environment in Northern Marquette County attracts tourists and year-round inhabitants who come to escape and experience its remoteness, to visit camps, and/or to hunt and fish. Rural roadways bounded by wild vegetation are part of the aesthetic that many appreciate. We understand that future improvements to the Triple A and CR510 will take place within a 100-ft right-of-way, meaning the Road Commission could clear 50 ft on each side of the centerline, but to preserve the wild aesthetic we request the minimal removal of trees.

Letter to
Marquette County Road Commission
We, undersigned citizens, businesses, organizations and visitors to Northern Marquette County, petition the Marquette County Road Commission Board of Directors to specify minimal removal of trees and natural flora (leave trees/flora from ditch edge of road construction to farthest edge of Right of Way) along CR 510 and CR AAA in the pursuance of the development of a Class A Highway to the Lundin Eagle Mine on the Yellow Dog Plains. We value the unique quality of this region and enjoy the many aesthetics it has to offer, including its natural rural roadways. While understanding that this roadway is built and paid for by Lundin Mining Company for the safe transportation of ores, materials and workers to their mine, we feel that a pleasing aspect can be maintained without a loss of safety and efficiency. We, therefore, ask that quality of life for those who live and travel these new roadways and from those who make their livings from visitors who come for the aesthetics of pleasing rural/wild roadways, be given due consideration in the construction of these new roadways through our townships and county.