Heathmont Multi-level Carpark - community consultation needed!

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In 2019 The Hon Michael Sukkar MP made an election promise to build a multi-level carpark at Heathmont train station. He made this promise without consulting the community, and Maroondah council has since decided to support the decision despite a multi-level carpark not being considered in the Heathmont village master plan. In 2020 Maroondah council purchased the block of land at the corner of Canterbury Road and Campbell Street at considerable expense to facilitate the carpark construction.

There are a number of issues related to the carpark:

  • a multi-level construction in such a prominent location would have significant visual impact, and detract from the village style character of Heathmont
  • the requirement for the removal of a number of mature, native trees on the site, which are an extension of the FC Rodgers reserve (the home of many rare native species of plants).
  • traffic flow at the Campbell street/Canterbury road intersection, which is problematic already.

Heathmont is not a major transport hub, many commuters walk to the station, and those that drive do not find difficulty in finding car parking. The costs for the maintenance and security of the carpark have so far been unaccounted for in the proposal.

Given the significant nature of a multi-level construction in Heathmont, thorough community consultation must take place outside of the planning process. We, the residents of Heathmont, deserve to be adequately briefed and consulted with on such a major development in our neighbourhood. We request that Maroondah council cease planning immediately, to ensure that the concerns of Heathmont residents are heard and the issues addressed.