Save Small Businesses in New York City: Fixing this Crisis will Save Jobs, Our Local Economy & the Unique Character of our Neighborhoods

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I, a concerned New Yorker want you to know that our city's mom and pop businesses face a crisis to survive and our government is not doing enough to stop their closures. Each month, nearly 1,000 businesses shut their doors with 10,000 New Yorkers losing their jobs lost because landlords astronomically hike up rents. It's a crisis devastating our local economy. We can no longer accept the sad reality of empty stores littering main streets where once thriving businesses were. I call upon lawmakers to quickly pass legislation that gives our small business owners the right to renewal their leases, and rights to negotiate fair lease terms which will allow them a reasonable profit and let them survive. Join us in our fight to keep the jobs and livelihood of New Yorkers alive. And perhaps keep what is so special about New York City: the character of our unique neighborhoods within a thriving and healthy economy.