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Stop ACS from possibly euthenizing a dog who saved a young girl's life!

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"Vigil Held For Dog Declared Dangerous -- Grace White
A family says a dog saved their little girl's life, but investigators say the dog is dangerous.  Friday night, the dog's owner and animal advocates are rallying against the designation. It's a designation the owner now has to go to court to fight.      

"We want to let Marley's family know we are here to help," said Laurie Gawelko, animal advocate. In the middle of downtown animal advocates want their candlelight to shine. "There's not a fair trial hearing for these poor babies that are just declared dangerous," said Kimberly Bohl, animal advocate. Advocates say a dog named Marley is one example.

A family told us last week Marley stepped into protect their daughter when a pitbull attacked. "I was actually grateful that Marley was out because if it wasn't for him, my daughter probably wouldn't be here today," said Maria Ortiz, parent. "Marley was on top of me trying to protect me," said Precious Ortiz, who was attacked by a pitbull.

Investigators say the girl told them a different story. Animal Care Services says she told them both the pitbull and Marley bit her. That's why Marley's owner got a letter stating the dangerous dog designation. "I'm just mad cause he's not a dangerous dog, the little girl comes to my house still to this day, they play with him all the time," said Ilario Martinez, Marley's owner.

Advocates are also holding vigil for a dog named Honey. "In the case of Honey there was no one to speak up," said Evan Bohl, animal advocate. Animal Care Services euthanized Honey after they adopted her out and she was returned because of biting a child. "We don't allow animals that have attacked someone and caused a significant injury back out," said Vincent Medley, Animal Care Services.

Advocates say dangerous dogs should not be euthanized. Animal Care Services says that only happens when an owner gives up custody of a dog. A dangerous dog can live at home if the owner follows certain rules. A judge will now decide if Marley's owners have to comply with the dangerous dog designation.

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"A dog deemed dangerous by Animal Care Services is confiscated from its owner. You may remember Marley. We brought you his story last week. He was involved in a fight with a pit bull where a young girl was bitten. The girl's family says Marley saved her life. But the city says Marley is dangerous and does not need to be free. The dog's owner has filed an appeal. A judge will set a court date where Marley's fate will be decided." -KABB FOX29 NEWS (Facebook); San Antonio, TX

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