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We deserve answers Marlene King.

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For the past 7 years, we all fell in love with a tv show called Pretty Little Liars. We've been through many shocking reveal and twists and turns. We fell in love with the many characters that this show included. And as us fans, we deserve the things that we were promised. Marlene King has promised us to give us answers but that promise was never fulfilled. We've waited 7 YEARS to get answers but yet we got none. And that makes the show a lot more confusing and makes it have more plot holes and that's what makes people mad. We're not bashing anyone. I will love this show until the end but it's upsetting to see that the main executive producer, Marlene King, lied to us so many times. It's about time we get answers. And we don't want answers in via interviews or Twitter. We want them IN the show. Here's examples of the questions that we need answers to: 3x23 "I'm Your Puppet" Who gave Alison the bloody lip? 3x13 "This is A Dark Ride" Why did Melissa and Wilden try to kill Aria? And why hasn't anyone questioned Melissa about it? 6x10 "Game Over Charles" What is Sara Harvey's motives? She just died and they were never even explained. 5x07 "Silence of E. Lamb" How did Eddie know Aria? And what happened to Eddie? 4x13 "Grave New World" Who was Mrs Grunwald referring to when she said "One of you has been touched by the Alison fears the most?" 5x05 "Miss me x 100" Who was the person that showed up at the park to meet Jenna, Mona, and Sydney? 3x16 "Misery Loves Company" Who was Melissa talking to on the phone where Byron has that flashback? 6x01 "Game On Charles" How did Spencer felt a connection towards Charles if her and CeCe barely knew each other? 1x01 "Pilot" Who was the blond girl in the dilaurentis house that Spencer saw through the window? 4x10 "The Mirror Has Three Faces" Who was Wren talking to on the phone? 4x24 "A Is For Answers" Who killed Mrs. Dilaurentis? 3x13 "This Is A Dark Ride" Who did Aria stab on the train with the screwdriver? Well that's all the examples that I have for you all. That's not even half of the unanswered questions we have. So if you care enough to find out these answers IN the show then please sign this petition. Thank you.

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