Beach closure to vehicles

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The area of proposed closure ( 45 kilometres of Marlboroughs East Coast) has been a food gathering area for many years with safe access only being by quads etc. Since the 2016 earthquake there has been an increase in traffic numbers using this area. Before the Earthquake there was no problem because people could only access this area two hours each side of low tide, but now vehicles can access this area an hour and a half each side of the high tide down to the low. The local council is trying to put a bylaw in place stopping all vehicles using this area without getting the full facts. Scientific evidence has shown that a ground pressure of 14 kpa or less is recommended for fragile eco systems and with the right tyre pressure on a Quad it can run as low as 13.8 kpa while a human gives out a kpa of 55 when the human is standing, this now doubles when the human walks. My proposal is that we do have restrictions put in place but not a total ban.