Petitioning Marks & Spencer

Please start selling vegan alternatives to fish

Marks & Spencer's 'Forever Fish' initiative pledges to help save sea life. Customers must therefore be given the option of choosing vegan alternatives to fish. The best way to save fish is to stop eating them!

Download the current M&S vegan list at

Letter to
Marks & Spencer
Your 'Forever Fish' initiative pledges to "help protect and save our precious sea life". On the basis that the best way to save fish is to stop eating them, please start stocking vegan alternatives to fish.

For example, Redwood's delicious fishless 'fish' fingers, 'fish' cakes, 'fish' steaks and 'fish' pate -- See

If your company is serious about saving fish, offering fish-free products must be incorporated into your 'Forever Fish' campaign. Then customers who really want to save marine life can have the option of choosing products that taste like fish but result in no fish deaths.

Thank you.