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Make sexism in the design and marketing of children's clothing extinct!

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2015 is here, and we’ve still not got a high street that promotes choice and gender equality in its design and marketing of children's clothing.

Marks and Spencer’s is currently selling a Natural History Museum copyrighted range of T-Shirts and Pyjamas to boys – at the total exclusion of girls.

Don’t girls deserve the chance to explore and wear those same images and themes? As a National Museum collection, with a responsibility for ensuring access for all, that should also apply to any commercial division.

What about those boys who don't want to be lumbered with yet another range of Dinosaur clothes, what about choice for boys too and letting them decide their interests as well. Why do only girls get butterflies and kittens?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if retailers took a completely different view of marketing children’s clothing, that instead of focusing on sexist ideas that place limitations on girls and boys, they look at designing and making clothes for children instead?

Imagine how liberating the designers would feel, no longer limited to pink or blue, passive or roaring, dainty or energetic! By no longer defining children by gender, they look at children as just children - separate from adults, with the need to play, grow and learn free from inequality and oppressive ideas that only exist to box them in.

Gender stereotyping in children's clothing is exploitative, and a breeding ground for bullying and pressure to conform. Let children choose their own interests, and make that choice as wide as possible!

Let clothes be clothes, and children be children. Lets create a retail space with #dinosaursforall, where we take every step possible to get children passionate about Science, History and the world around them.

Please join us in petitioning Marks and Spencer’s and demand that this range of clothing be made available to girls and boys immediately – both online and in store.


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