Students from MKMS want back our annual Spirit week and Student V Faculty game.

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The students at MKMS wish that our administration would bring back our annual events. Our rights have been taken away and students fear to step out and speak their minds because the fear of detentions and referrals. This petition means a great deal to our Mustangs. This petition goes to show that we will use our voices until we will be heard. Our First amendment of the United States Constitution gives us the right to free speech. We were told that the cancellation was due to a lot of people that did not follow MKMS dress code policy.  But that isn’t the students fault, MKMS has not been doing there job enforcing the dress code policy. As for the dress code policy at our school, we shouldn't be teaching young girls that their bodies are inherently sexual or inappropriate. We are humans, not some silly object. Students should be able to do and wear what they want to a certain extent. As I got to talk to some former eighth graders from last year they said it was by far the best week of their school year. If girls are wearing normal length shorts we shouldn't be stopped at for. This school is located in Florida, AKA the Sunshine State, where temperatures can reach high throughout the year. As for the Student vs. Faculty game it has been a Nine year tradition. This game brings the highest earnings for our school. It helps our school budget expand that way they can afford the learning supplies needed to teach. It's a way for teachers and students to converse out of class and without school related conversation. It's a way to make money for our school and get everyone together. This binds our students in a positive manner and to remember the memories each student shared.  Please sign this petition to save our tradition so our administration can possibly change their mind. Also feel free to comment.

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