Join Walmart Marketplace on a Whole New Level with Omni Channel Hub

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This is an introduction to the integrated marketplace selling software called Omni Channel Hub which is also parts of the complex Shopping Cart e-commerce software called Shopping Cart Elite, who is also the owner of Omni Channel Hub however also making the software available to those who would like to integrate the software while their business works with a different type of shopping cart software.

The main goal of both systems is to offer complete solutions to a multitude of issues, in order to avoid users having to integrate all too many software to be able to make them all work together. Let’s see how Omni Channel Hub works and what its advantages are.

On Omnichannel selling:

If you are a business that wants to keep up to date with the newest trends and solutions, then you know it’s crucial to make your goods be visible not just on your own e-commerce website, but making them accessible on also some largest international e-commerce marketplaces too. Join Walmart marketplace, Amazon, eBay all in the same time to bring more exposure for the products.

Some largest marketplaces include following:

Google Shopping – enlisting the products here does very good for the Search Engine Optimization as search engine for sure pushes items enlisted at its own shopping site on the first place. The best thing in it is, that the Google product would automatically lead shopper to the marketplace listing software website (web shop) which you have previously set up.

Amazon and Amazon International: you can choose a regional account as well as the international platform for your business. Amazon offers businesses to set up their virtual shop within Amazon which is a big deal. What’s bigger is, that through Omni Channel Hub you can now straight up upload the item lists and details in the batch, you may also keep an eye on all of them through one platform which makes price, asset and inventory management and shipping way easier.

EBay (eBay International, Motor and Regional): eBay works extremely similar to Amazon and it’s the current Nr 2 largest and most popular virtual marketplace listing software in the world.

Rakuten Shopping – formerly called this is among Asia’s largest e-marketplaces. Rakuten is also strictly for businesses and therefore it’s more attractive of an option for those dealing with wholesale selling. However getting listed here, when you have Asia and the Asian market among your key targets is a definite must-do. Omnichannel Hub is one of the very few which can provide integration to Rakuten.

Etsy: this is one of the largest and most popular e-marketplaces especially in the US. Therefore it’s great considering setting up your business on this site, especially if you are targeting the US market with retail products.

Join Walmart marketplace: Join Walmart marketplace is one of the largest and fastest growing online retail in the US. If you decide to sell on Walmart marketplace we can help you a lot in setting you up on their website ensuring perfect integration.

Further regional marketplace listing software Omni Channel Hub can provide access to include Jet, Overstock, Newegg, Sears, Houzz and join Walmart marketplace. If you primarily focus on the US and North American markets there is no way you shouldn’t sell on Walmart marketplace.

Listings & Update Listings

Your one catalog created for entire of the products. Option of Listings give you a chance to work with the same listing, upload them via the integrated platform either in batch or individually, when you wish to list some kind or group of products at a marketplace listing software platform. With Omni Channel Hub user will instantly see what products that you have uploaded to which site. User will even be able to check & update the listings of product as and when. Batch uploads the functionality through which they can deal with a various items and on top of that it will help you create bulk variations, auto fitments and you can either upload via Excel or with the help of OmniChannel Hub’s uploading wizard.

Listing Templates: User develop their templates as per kind of the item or each product by uploading your channel specific settings into a chosen Listing Preset and from then on it will work automatically with that setting for you. With the help of Listing Builder you can assign and set up preset rights per product type just as you’d like to. Accordingly you can create all sorts of shipping, return and other customized templates for your products. This way upon listing, all you need to do is to choose a predefined template and your products will be uploaded accordingly.

Listing Manager Interface:  User will manage all the listings on one single place, where the user is given rights to check the products as per the channel or marketplace website to make editing and product management all the easier for you.

Autofill Product Descriptions:  all you need is to setup autofill for your descriptions once and from then on uploading full product descriptions will be all the easier and effortless for you. Our autofill also suppers HTML format, so you can work with logos, backgrounds and other design items. In addition user can now plan custom category depending on marketplace. User may can even override an item level description this way.

Manage multiple accounts on one marketplace:  Do you wish to set up multiple virtual stores on Amazon or eBay as per product type? It’s not a big deal anymore as Omni Channel Hub is able to manage multiple accounts of yours according to your setup. You can also add product variant options. Are you selling on Walmart marketplace and Etsy in the same time? No worries because our integration works just perfect.

Product profiling: you can create product profiles per product type and later on you can assign one or more of these profiles for your products via shadow listings. This way it will be easier to set up sales and discount campaigns for categories of product and you may even keep the inventory in sync.

Channel description customization through a single platform: through our platform you get the chance to customize it all: starting from the titles to descriptions or pricing referring to one channel. Then you can apply the settings when you would like to. With the help of token variables now our clients can even build dynamic titles and descriptions and use them as templates.

Package-ready and bulk-packing of products:

Bundle-ready service is like an upsell of a specific sorts of products which have been previously assorted according to each shoppers’ previous buying experience. This way, clients can see what’s on offer at a discounted price and what assortment of discounted items can be shipped all in one as one bundle for a discount price.

You can join listings: if you haven’t thought of going multichannel up until now, we at Omni Channel Hub and our software can be a great help for you. You can join a great deal of listings in no time. All you need is to register and get an ASIN or UPC or an item Nr. And you are ready to go.

Setting up Amazon: Omni Channel Hub is a special marketplace listing software which features an extra 10.000 custom-made fields particularly as per needs of Amazon in order to be able to submit extra information about the product. You may also create an Amazon ASIN before and this code now can be added alongside your account info to make item upload, management and uploading more information all the easier. This way your inventory is all synced, Amazon orders are integrated so you will instantly see them or get notified of them on your Omni Channel Hub interface, do reserve inventory, confirm of payment and exchange all order and shipping and tracking number information too.

Amazon price tracking: There is a smart little functionality called Reprices which helps a great deal see the competitors’ pricing for same or similar products being offered. This can enable you to set up a dynamic pricing rule for single or multiple products. With the built-in analytic tool you can also see the projected ROI per rate. This way you can get to make the suitable pricing structure.

Setting up EBay Marketplace:  create eBay templates for the products which help not only for making the product photos with details flawless, but they also help you keep inventory synchronized, integrate orders, doing reservations and update inventory along all the other channels all in the same time. The EBay integration also makes it possible to confirm payments from PayPal, deliver shipping and even tracking the information even continuously stay eBay updated with respect to orders, shipping, payments.

You can now straight-up design specific eBay templates through Omni Channel Hub all-ready templates with HTML Content Management System. As an extra Omni Channel Hub has a specialization for selling Motor parts, so when you have car / vehicle business this software has tons of specifically car and vehicle sellers and it’s just perfect for your business.

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