Tell marketers to stop using worn-out Coronavirus cliches to sell their products.

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Too many marketers have been using similar language, over and over again, in their copy related to the Coronavirus pandemic...and it's getting old, fast.

We know "times are tough" and that "we're all in this together." And please stop reminding us that "things are crazy right now."

Consumers are human as well, and we have also come to the conclusion that things are pretty out of sorts. But we would appreciate it if you didn't hammer that home for us each and every day in our email inboxes.

The truth is if something goes without saying, it need not be said.

So, instead of exploiting the most catastrophic pandemic in a century to fill in the gaps of already borrowed marketing content, we say, "No more!"

Marketing professionals everywhere, be original, be brave, and tell us something we don't already know! 

Please sign our petition now, and hopefully one day soon, we'll all once again be comfortable knowing what we already know without needing to hear about it from the folks trying to sell us their products.

Thank you!