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Facebook should stop the fake news, delete fake profiles and warn users of deceptive links

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Thomas Jefferson wrote "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government;...whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights".

  • Whereas: 62% of Americans get their news from Social media, most often Facebook.*(pew research 2/2016)
  • Whereas: Facebook has admitted that they have been inundated with fake news links.
  • Whereas: many intelligent citizens in the United States have become radicalized as a result of deceptive propaganda delivered via social media 
  • Whereas, The Facebook algorithm which determines a person's new feed creates a "truth bubble" by feeding only like minded content  has a chilling effect on equal access for all sides in a political campaign.
  •  Whereas: the United States government has indicated that Russian hackers, in an effort to interfere with the election, were a major distributor of fake news/propaganda stories.
  • Whereas, Facebook, even after they promised to clean it up, is still overrun with fake profiles, fake news stories and links to deceptive sites..

Therefore: we call on Facebook to take immediate action to identify and label false news sources,  warn users of the problem and develop a fix for the system that will not isolate voters from balanced information prior to the next national election.  

  1. We call on Facebook to systematically and urgently verify the authenticity of all profiles, beginning with those posting exclusively political content. 
  2. We urge Facebook to immediately contact all users who indicate they are in the US and to post warnings noticeable warnings stating that:                                                                                                      1)There is sufficient evidence to suggest their news feeds have been spammed.
    2)That many links will redirect users to fake news sites intended to proffer propaganda.
    3) The stories they are read may be false
    4) Many of these fake stories have been shared widely in the past.
  3. We urge Facebook to immediately adapt their flagging process to include an option for reporting suspected fake profiles/ pages which direct users to links which dispense scams and propaganda.

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