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Adults are only allowed to block on Facebook.

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Every day, billions of people use Facebook. Depend on what you post or respond to, somebody is going to get offended. The people who get offended found out how to get their revenge and the way they do this is by using the reporting function on Facebook. This reporting feature can suspend personal accounts for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, a week, a month, or suspended indefinitely. Now mind you, this is for adults here, people who are considered legal age in their country. When you are on Facebook and you are an adult, if you get offended by a topic or a photo, your only choice should be is to block the offender. Reporting is for kids, like when you were in school and someone out loud says TEACHER, THIS KID IS DOING THIS AND NOT SUPPOSED TO. I mean come on who hated that kid? We are now adults! Imagine being at a bar and someone says something that you don't like? Are you going to call the cops? Imagine that 911 call, "hello 911 what's your emergency?" "Yes this punk at the bar says blue is better than red". Who wants to deal with that? Nobody. There are people who will enter themed groups such as a nudism group and someone who is offended will report people for nudity. Why did they enter? Their only response to this is to leave the group or block the content! So what we are looking for is this. If you are an adult on Facebook, the only reporting you can do is report animal violence, everything else you need to block because you're an adult.

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