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We want our old WhatsApp, text status!

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Last night when we all were in a good sleep, Whatsapp has been updated with its latest feature ‘Whatsapp Status’. Several days ago WhatsApp had announced Status feature, which kind of turns the app into a social media app. It no longer is just a chat app. The feature was supposed to reach consumers in a few days and now it has.
“Starting today, iPhone, Android and Windows users can send photos, videos and GIFs through Status to share special moments throughout their day with friends and family,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said

But in all this scenario of new Whatsapp status people are missing old Whatsapp status. Where’s my good old status? While entire world is rolling out for the new whatsapp status I've my deep concern for my old status.
Whatsapp has removed the old status update feature that people basically used to showcase their mindset, show their feelings and many more. The app after the update, no more shows the old status.
Instead you can now only see anyone’s username and the phone number.

With whatsapp status is no more. It will create great amount of chaos within public. Many people use to show their creativity by posting those hindi one liners are in trouble now.
Somewhere down the line whatsapp status were reasons of talking with strangers. Like ‘Hey, nice status’ and there you go. Every time your crush changes her status you’ll poke her with this obvious line so now we need to think something for its option. And the bigger question is without the whatsapp status how we would stalk people now? How will we know what is heppening in their lives? And what about that legendary ‘Hi, I’m using Whatsapp’?

Another problem with this status update is, they don’t have place for words. Now you can share photos, videos and Gifs but no texts. You cannot ‘post’ any text Status, which is rather strange. If you want to say something or share your feelings you need a photo then.

Your emotions are just for 24 hours. Just like Snap story, whatsapp status are also available just for 24 hours. So now first thing you need to do in the morning is to put your new status.

Contact list is also missing. In earlier version of Whatsapp, there used to be contact tab just near chat tab but it is no more there. Instead you need to go to write message icon and it will show you list of contacts. Yes it is not a big problem but why to make simple things more complicated.

We people barely missing that text-status feature, especially we young people!

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