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Facepalm reaction for Facebook!

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The reality of our days is that we can no longer manage to live at peace with ourselves while using just the six reactions that Facebook offers, however perfect they are.

The sheer amount of shallowness, ignorance and plain idiocy in the social media is overwhelming. The news raises our frustration to new heights every time. As a result, getting angry (what's the point), laughing out loud (it's no longer funny), crying (weak!) or wowing (too positive) no longer seems adequate to the task of reacting to a Facebook post.

In conclusion: we need a facepalm reaction on Facebook, Mark! We need to be able to tell people when they are being idiots, and we need to do it with likes. We are on our knees, Mark, OK? Please! We beg of you! We love you. You have the power. Do it for the future, for the Humanity! You just gotta!

Lots of love.

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