We Demand Facebook to restore Riffat Wani’s Facebook account and page

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Facebook has shut down my account as well as my page "Riffat wani official"based on the complaints of few people whoes express purpose was to silence my work "To stop human rights voilation"especiaslly to demand my birth right that is "Right to Self determination "facebook has appeased these tealls based on their vague community standards.these standards are an assult on free speach.if the desire of a few can silence the freedom of speach.facebook must revise these standards and apply them evenly and judiciously...please sign my petition and protect the right of all facebook users.
There is no fairness and consistency in the way facebook treats...
Facebook needs to take a deeper look at any ones account or a page before shutting it down.they shouldn't base a decision solely on the grounds that one disagree with its view.
Freedom from occupation is just as important as freedom of religion.
Its my right and everyone's else to say what we want and keep out opinion posted,without deletions because someone disagrees..
No doubt people are reporting,but facebook should think once,and should ask for legal docments,mostly one who reports,they are using fake accounts,
We hope this petittion will become meaningful for fagebook management.and they will take immediate action
We Demand Facebook to restore Riffat Wani’s Facebook account and page

In the 2nd of september Facebook has closed my personal Facebook account and my page, Riffat Wani Official. It is regrettable and highly condemnable to choke the voice of a human right activist like me who had a following of more than 600,000 people. I am a peace seeker, and I stand by the guidelines of the Facebook but despite that my Facebook account and page are closed without any valid reason.

As a human right activist, my concern is to talk about human rights and human values. As charity begins at home, I try to highlight the fundamental human rights violation of Jammu and Kashmir, the place I was born, by Indian forces in the disputed territory recognised by the United Nations. Is it a crime to call a spade a spade and to ask India and Pakistan to end the Kashmir dispute with dialogue? The people of Jammu and Kashmir have every right to use all legal means for the right to self-determination.   As a human right activist, my work is to spread peace and encourage dialogue but not at the cost of distorting the truth. I share the pictures and videos of Kashmir, so the rest of the world has the accurate account of the region. To initiate peace does not mean not to expose the enemies of peace. Peace is only possible when justice prevails. I stand for the legitimate rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and the United Nations also endorse it. Let the people of Jammu and Kashmir get the right to self-determination and endorsed by the international body.

Facebook is a famous social networking website where an individual within the guidelines of the networking website has an opportunity to share his/ her opinions, ideas to the rest of the world. Likewise, I, as a human rights activist who follows the guidelines of the Facebook does not face the same standards from the social networking website, why? Then Facebook must make its policies loud and clear that it does not follow an unwritten rule. Doesn’t Facebook have any standard for Right of freedom of speech? Unfortunately, Facebook has repeatedly been closing the social networking website accounts of some activists in general and some Kashmiris in particular. If Facebook is just a mere tool or a property of right-wing Indians parties, then Facebook must state it in a written guideline. Facebook should stand with the those who raise the voice of truth and not with those who want to spread falsehood. Is Facebook a social networking website for the voice of voiceless or voice of powerful? If Facebook stands for justice and the right of freedom of expression, then it must not choke the voices of human rights and peace activists like me and give us space to express ourselves.
1.In December 2014, newspapers across the world reported Facebook blocking the page of a Russian opposition rally. Back then, Facebook quickly admitted to the mistake and corrected it. 
Unfortunately, this was neither the only nor the last mistake
2.Facebook banned the account of the popular Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov - for posting the photographs of a museum display in Norway that featured Christmas tree decorations from Nazi Germany. The Ukrainian contemporary artist and public figure Alexander Roytburd has been blocked for a harmless joke about ancient Jews. The journalist Andrei Kapustin has been blocked for “nude” photographs that in fact pictured fully clothed mannequins. Other popular users blocked include Boryslav Beryoza, a political activist; Anton Krasovsky, a journalist and gay rights activist; Slava Rabinovich, a financial analyst and blogger; Leonid Krasnopolsky, a human rights activist; Alexey Lebedinsky, a popular singer. and dozens, if not hundreds, of others – we apologize for those whose names we didn’t mention, the list would have been too long. 
We don’t know why Facebook seems so eager to block people against freedom of speech. Facebook has regrettably become a tool used by those who want to throttle free speech. I request Facebook management and Mr. Zuckerberg personally to stop downplaying the scale of content moderation problems and take necessary measures to resolve this as soon as possible.
3.if this problem is not addressed today, tomorrow the same tactic might be used by governments and political movements across the world to silence their opponents. Facebook became synonymous with the freedom of speech. It will be sad indeed if it turns into a symbol of its suppression.