We ask Facebook to put a stop to the unlawful sharing of pirated novels.

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Petition overseers - L.T.Marshall, Wendy Clarke.

‘We, the undersigned, hereby petition Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to acknowledge that the downloading and sharing and/or distribution of PDF, e-copy and mobi versions of books which are in copyright. without the copyright holder’s express permission, violates the author’s legal and moral intellectual property rights and is an offence under civil and/or criminal law.

Furthermore, to acknowledge that Facebook groups such as 758 Ebooks and similar which are set up with the express purpose of promoting the sharing of pirated e-books violate Facebook’s Community Standards as follows:

Part I, 3 - Promoting and publicising crime, namely the potentially criminal infringement of trademarks and copyrights under various U.K. and international acts of law; and

Part I, 4. - Coordinating harm, by facilitating breaches of copyright likely to cause harm to authors and their business; and

Part V, 20. - Violating Intellectual Property by allowing people to post and share content that breaches someone else’s Intellectual Property rights,

And in light of these breaches of Facebook’s own clearly stated policies, will undertake to monitor and remove any and all such groups promptly and conclusively in order to uphold its own Community Standards and protect the legal and moral rights of authors and other creatives.

Furthermore, to facilitate the comprehensive prevention of the dissemination of pirated work, Facebook will permit and act upon the reporting of copyright abuses within its platform and breaches of its Community Standards in respect of copyright theft by any person, not only the owner of the copyright, since the owner may not be a member of Facebook or aware of the copyright theft.’