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To fix a bug at Facebook Messenger

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More than a year Facebook users suffer due to incorrect work of Fb application and Messenger application. I use messenger, my friend uses the messenger, but the one - two times a week we invite each other to install Messenger.

It's not only my problem. I interviewed dozens of people - this bug is present. Platform sends regularly an invitation to the Messenger to those who have long time enjoyed them. This causes a lot of stress and users suffer.

Mark, hundreds of millions of people suffer, make one engineer to fix this bug! I like Messenger. I'm Ok with Messenger Day. And Stories. Also I had read your 5,700-word essay and It caught me in the heart, so I believe that you give people a quiet chat in the messenger and than rebuild Facebook as the foundation of a social infrastructure enabling a global community. 

That's one small step for your engineer, one giant leap for mankind. 

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