The right to post on Instagram without being deleted

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Support your right to post: 

What is fair use? 

  Among social media, the Fair Use doctrine allows users to post/use  copyrighted content without permission of the owner under certain circumstances.

 Many examples of when Fair Use is applied include the millions fan and fashion  accounts posting paparazzi photos on Instagram who have recently been disabled due to violation of the original owners copyrights. 

Account creators posting photos from your favorite celebrities  to bring you fashion from events like MET Gala, to MTV music awards, or even paparazzi catching them watching down the streets of New York and Paris in their daily life, are no longer aloud to post these photos without fear of being deleted from Instagram. 

We propose to the Instagram and the   photographers that, within the paparazzi’s legal rights and ours, as fans and creators, that any page be allowed to post the photos taken by the paparazzi without being flagged or deleted on Instagram-so long as credit to the original owner is being given, no watertag from the account in question is across the photograph, and not be used in any form of sale/advertisement in anyway. Or remove the copy-righted photo rather than the account as a whole posting it. 

We also are asking that the paparazzi please restore the hundreds of accounts removed for copyright that are fashion and fan pages. 

As Instagram creators we look for content that express our love as fans and we feel that we are unable to have our voices heard because we don’t have the money to do so  

Thank you for your time -

if you or someone you know have a fan account/account that has been deleted please email us at or dm us on instagram @fairusefans so we can ask Instagram to restore them once we have hit the signatures we need without them having to dispute the case.