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Tell Facebook To Help Stop Bullying

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Facebook has become an important tool to keep up with friends and family, and to share images and what is happening in your life. But there is a dark side to social media. I recently noticed Facebook has an epidemic of bullying. Whenever I got on Facebook, I would see bullying comments as well as pictures posted of family and friends without their consent and I felt it needed to be reported. It was horrible and made me think about the stories of how bullying on social media can lead to suicide, especially with younger users.

Too many teens are taking their lives due to bullying, and sites like Facebook make it easier to get bullied no matter where you are. This petition seeks to call attention to the bullying on Facebook and the consequences, especially among younger users, and to pressure the social media site to take action and to stop invading our privacy.

There is an easy fix: allow all users to disable comments. This will allow people to stop bullying in its tracks while still enjoying Facebook.  Also, if a photograph contains individuals you are not friends with, prior to posting the photograph to Facebook, the account holder confirms that he/she has received written consent from each individual, (consent from the parent / guardian, if the individual is a minor) and that the Facebook account holder had advised this/these individuals that the photograph will be available for public viewing.  Or, maybe set up a system where the picture is sent by email to the individual that is in the photo and just by a click of "accept" or "decline" the picture will either be automatically uploaded on Facebook or declined altogether.  The way the process is now the public can put whatever pictures they want of anybody, make comments about them without their consent or knowledge, especially if they don’t even have an account with Facebook or they are not a friend of that individual who posted the picture on Facebook.   Even if there aren’t any comments made about a picture that was posted, what gives people the right to post a pictures of others that others don’t like of themselves.  Nobody knows if there is a picture out there somewhere in social media of themselves that they don't want anyone to see.  This is also invasion/violation of privacy according to Privacy Rights.

For those of us that have seen or faced bullying, these changes can’t happen soon enough. I’m not sure what Facebook is waiting for. We need these changes now. Tell Facebook that by making these changes they could stop peoples feelings from being hurt, stop invasion of privacy and start saving lives. 


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