Stop Shadow Bans " the Censorship on the Cannabis of FaceBook /Mark Zuckenberg

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Stop  Shadow Bans" the Censorship on the Cannabis of FaceBook

Complaint / Lawsuit Against "Mark Zuckerberg Against  President and CEO of" Facebook Inc

and also of the people responsible for the order of censorship, obviously the responsibility in question against such persons would exclude that in the Comparisons of Mark Zuchenberg ': Regarding the recent censorship that I discovered in the Italian servers. :. The Word Cannabis and censored by Facebook, all the useful words associated with the word in question that could be written as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Neuropathic Pain; Therapeutic Tumor Cannabis Flos Bedrocan etc etc if associated with the word Cannabis written in the search engine of Facebook will not find a post nor a photo nor a group. In one page, before they could be found in millions of posts. A serious Total Censorship, denying freedom of information, freedom of expression,. And Discrimination of Patients who are treated or who could be treated with Therapeutic Cannabis. I find this complaint a serious violation of human rights. it is also happening in Germany and in the United States since the beginning of August.
Alessio Nanni Cortona 26/08/2018