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Stop People on Facebook From Adding Us to Groups Without Our Permission

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Have Facebook implement a protocol for having users ASK us to join a "Group," much like they do when people are "invited" to "like" a "Page."
 Immediately cease allowing people to add us to any "Group" on Facebook.  This is a direct invasion of our privacy.  We should be ASKED to join a "Group," not forced into it without our permission.  By Facebook allowing other users to "add" us to a "Group" without our permission it implies that we have endorsed that "Group" 
This could negatively effect our reputation by misrepresenting what we want to be associated with. 

This effects millions of people daily.  Not only is this unethical it is extremely annoying. People add us to "Groups" at their whim and often, until we check notifications, we are unaware that such a situation has taken place. 

Even in the briefest amount of time, another user, employer, colleague, family member or friend could search the "Groups"t hat we are a "member" of and assume that we willingly joined said "Group" when we did no such thing. 
This could impact employment, family relationships and our reputation. 
Furthermore, Facebook fraudulently announces to the public that we are "members" of said "Group" and that we have "joined" when in fact we have done no such thing. 
A simple search in ANY "Group" shows the members of that Group.  Many who have no idea that they are members of. 

Mark Zuckerberg- we ask you to immediately implement this change to ensure the integrity of our reputations. 

We, the People. 



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