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Stop Facebook from taking down song covers

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I'm a singer/songwriter and I often post content on Facebook of my music and song covers, although what I didn't realize is the strange law that you cannot post song covers on Facebook. I realized this after YEARS of posting song covers. On my Facebook I've build personal connections with family & friends and even made a couple of friends from around the world. I do not only use it for social interactions but also I use it for my various businesses, as many people on Facebook have been. Over the years I've posted song covers, precious photos, built fans, followers and connected with various friends and families that I've lost touch with over the years. I have made a living with music, photography, acting, directing and promoting on social media. The problem is here is about a year and a half ago I got suspended on Facebook for posting a song cover. Now this wasn't a song cover that I had recently posted, it was a song cover I had posted about five years ago. I was upset about it but there was nothing I could do. Various musicians, artists of all sorts use Facebook and promote their work on social media and also post song covers without realizing the rule of copyright infringement. I got my first strike. But I soon brushed it off as I didn't understand much about it and thought perhaps it wouldn't happen again. - It happened a second time and a third and my account was suspended and recently deactivated. So curiously, I searched the internet. Now see, this happened with a video I posted of me singing Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball on guitar. Which personally, I find ridiculous. And I learned after a while that I wasn't the only one who was having this problem. 

Facebook Is Aggressively Ripping Down Cover Videos (Thanks to the Idiots At Universal Music Publishing Group)

“Back in the early years of YouTube the majors were playing whack a mole trying to get YouTube to remove every single fan video that used any piece of their songs – completely ignoring the fact that this was far better (free) promotion than they could possibly pay for and was actually driving more people to buy their artists’ music anyway. Eventually, the majors completely changed course and allowed the infringing content to stay up on YouTube. YouTube created Content ID which helped track down their works to place ads on and start earning on.” — Ari Herstand 

My problem with this isn't that they removed a video, my problem with this is that they blocked me from using my Facebook account. I have been using Facebook for years. I have made albums, pages, conversed with people, made friends. I use it for my business! My photo albums are where I stored basically my life and I know I'm not the only one that has done this. My problem with this is I am losing everything I built in the past years. As an artist I think that we should be able to post and promote our work and with dedication become successful in branding ourselves. And in fact I'm not the only one who has had this problem. A lot of people have been having this problem. I read an article that some guy made a Facebook Live video of him singing a Radiohead song and his Facebook got taken down. He messaged Facebook several times and received no response back. He in fact didn't care that his video was taken down, he cared that he lost photos of his family vacation because he didn't have it elsewhere and he explained this. It can happen to literally any of us at any point all because Universal Music Publishing Group and other music and record labels have decided that it's appropriate to take song covers down and I quote “it is our policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers when appropriate.” Even if the artist wants us to make song covers in the end it's up to the music company.

As an artist and a song-writer my question is; Is all of my hard-work over the years going to be taken down? - My music, my pictures, my friends list, my pages, my content and more? And how are we suppose to promote our selves if we can't use the internet to do so? 

Warning: Universal Music Is Ripping Down ALL Facebook Cover Videos

The solution would be for Facebook to put ads on videos as they've done on Youtube. So please, if you're up for it, sign this petition. All I want to do is to raise awareness to this for artists and people and entrepreneurs of all sort and maybe we have a chance of this changing in the future and if not we can move else where on other social media platforms. Unfortunately.

Thank you for all of you taking the time to reading this.



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