Save MySpace From Extinction

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Who Are We?

We, the WWF (World Website Fund) are dedicated to the conservation and protection of cyberspace entities of Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR) and Extinct in the Wild (EW) statuses with the aim of maintaining ecological equilibrium into the next century. While we host various operations across the stretch of the web, we are best known for our efforts in the recognition of such websites as Vimeo, Yahoo.Com and Neopets as of protected status.

What is This?

This petition has been created to acknowledge a sad truth of the modern world- something unforgivable- a tragedy that lives on in the hearts of millions, but that precious few dare to speak of. This is the tragedy of a lonely, abandoned corner of the internet, once flourishing, now endangered. This is the tragedy of MySpace.

Once a thriving, sustainable member of international cyberspace, MySpace has, in recent years, fallen prey to the introduction of new, invasive predators such as Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram. Where once Myspace had more web traffic than Google, it has now fallen into the Threatened band of Endangered (EN) websites, marked by a decrease in employees of over 300% since 2009. Clearly, now is the time to take action, before it is too late.

How Will We Save MySpace?

Our intended conservational methods are simple: this petition will form the bedrock of a social media campaign for the shutting down of Facebook, the biggest competitor of MySpace. By removing this predator, MySpace will be restored to supremacy and the natural cyberspace ecosystem will return to equilibrium. Every signature gathered as part of this petition will be sent to the office of Mark Zuckerberg in the hopes of achieving a peaceful transfer of cyberspace power. Only MySpace, a natively occurring social media platform based in Beverly Hills, California, should have the right to sell the private data of 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica. The word is out! Now is the time for action.