Return Minister Farrakhan to Facebook

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Mr. Mark Zuckerberg:

Facebook, as one of the most important internet platforms in the world, has made you a very rich man and an increasingly reviled and hated man for how you treat others. This is an internationally known fact. While it is clear that you have no respect for personal privacy or human dignity of your billions of subscribers, you have not, yet, come to be seen as an unrefined racist with a deep-seated hatred for Black people. However, more and more people are noticing the wholesale racist manner in which Facebook deals with the global community, and they ascribe it to you personally--not your underlings. Your decision to treat the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan like a common hate peddler for many was the concluding piece of evidence that you are the Henry Ford of the 21st Century. Candidly, billionaires are people too, and Mr. Ford and Rockefeller and Mr. Howard Hughes and others all--despite great wealth--suffered because they knew masses of people loathed their existence. Granted, you, like most uber-rich people, care little about most people think this could really hurt your bottom line. Many people use Facebook because the successor platform has not been launched. When this happens, you might be supplanted by another group of innovators. The angry Facebook users will flee you like a burning ship. In as much as you have few if any Black people giving you solid advice, I would urge you to reverse course and restore Minister Farrakhan to the Facebook and Instagram platforms.