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Republish our Facebook Pages and Our real Accounts.

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
Your team is continuously shutting down everyone's Facebook pages wrongfully, now it's time to gather all the pages owner friends who had lost their pages and also losing day by day & we should take some possible legal action against Facebook team and Facebook Inc. We've spent too much money as well as our valuable time on our pages just to have our pages shutdown without any valid explanation? We want our pages to be republished again or there will be a legal action against Facebook by hundreds or thousands of Facebook pages owners. Please don't fu*k with us because once we started it'll become difficult for you and your team to handle us. Are these your rules and terms like if Mia Khalifa is posting her dirty naked ass on Facebook then it's not breaking your rule but if we're posting some kinda news about her that's breaking your rules? You should take your so-called rules and terms in your pocket if you and your team can't just apply them equally on everyone. It's we, just we who made facebook more interesting than any other social website we spent our time to post something funny just to make people laugh so they can forget their problems for a while, we post something emotional just to make someone feel love about other, we post something bad for people to see it and realise what are they doing bad to others. We're making Facebook more interesting, we're spending money on our pages, and last but not the least we're spending our days and nights in engaging people on Facebook and in return we're losing everything without any reason? Why?
Hope to get your attention about this matter!
We need justice, we need our pages back.!!!!"

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