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Remove WhatsApp stories, reintroduce text status feature.

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WhatsApp was started as a unique and basic social messaging app. The new update has vast differences from the pre-existing one which aren't cool at all. They have brought the app to a new platform altogether, when apps like Instagram and Snapchat already exist on the same platform. Yours was one of its kind, and it was the best before this major update! This change will lead to unrequired socialization which wasn't the reason why we used this app. The idea of 24-hour stories isn't going well with most of people I know, and generally too! You may call it a status, but even a kid knows that it's like a story, which will ultimately disappear. This is going to make the experience certainly bad. Why do we have to update our status through photos every single day? We had permanent text statuses which was the best thing about the app. It was quite generalized and we could easily put our ongoing thoughts and activities on an easy and more efficient basis. There was no need to post and see unwanted stories. With our elders, families, teachers etc. all being in our WhatsApp contacts, we'll resist posting everything, and that wil actually lead to posting nothing. The custom feature is there, but what's the idea of using multiple apps with almost everything same. This has stolen the uniqueness of WhatsApp. I am not even able to access my contacts properly now, there is no list now and the only way is the Search bar. Plus, we'll have to see the stories other people even when we don't want to, or atleast we'll have to juggle through the list to find the person whose status I want to read. This will bother people unnecessarily! Otherwise, we wouldn't even care to watch each and every status. On a funny note, we can't stalk anymore.. like we used to do! You're stealing the basic human right from us. Please do something in this context. Atleast give us the permanency to keep a status rather than a 24-hour disappearing story. Thankyou!

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