Remove "Teens For Transphobia Acceptance" from Facebook

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Dear Mark,
This is clearly a hate group. I am a transman who has been transitioned over 15 years now. I am a productive member of society who is happy in his own body. I know literally hundreds of other transpeople around the world (in real life and on Facebook) that have been saved from depression and possible suicide from being allowed to transition and live their true lives. 
I believe as a person who supports minorities as you do, you should be appalled by the hate that is clearly perpetuated by this group. Supporting transphobia is just another way of saying "I hate trans folk". Thats what transphobia is. 

Please remove this group from Facebook at once. We should not be encouraging young people to hate others for being different. I am worried that this sort of hate group will lead to violent acts being performed against trans folk simply for them being themselves. This could lead to murder. And Im sure you do not want that in your name- as their page shows you supporting this hate group.. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition and I hope you think about this very seriously.

The trans community on Facebook, and indeed, everywhere. 

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