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Remove my deceased Grandmother's Facebook or give me the password!

It has been said that currently up to 3 million Facebook users are deceased. My Grandmother Collette was my legal guardian since birth, after she passed away, my family and I couldn't deactive her Facebook account because we didn't have the password. After a huge argument with the bequeathed family member of my Grandmother's belongings, I was kicked out of her and I's home and given no other choice but to move many states away. My "family" took my home, my memories, my love, my clothes and belongings; basically all of what made me, me and threw it away. Imagine trying to stuff all of what made you happy in your home into two duffle bags and a carry-on, knowing you'll never see any of the rest of it again. After doing all that and belittling to the brink of sudicide, my family decided to go find her password on her laptop and remove only me. On December 3rd, 2012 my biological mother who treated my Grandmother (her own mother) like dirt for years, gets to be added to my Grandmother's Facebook? I have sent many e-mails to Facebook, pleading with them to either deactive her Facebook or to give me the password. Not ONE response has been given for almost a year.

If given the password to her account, I promise to add myself back and not remove anyone from her account, not even those who deleted me in the first place. Jealously is an ugly thing and I should not have to be resorted to this type of child like behavior from adults who call themselves a family. Please help me, I loved my Grandmother more than anything in the world. Are you human like me and can see through this unjustice, or are you like my so called family who does not give a care about how this is effecting me?

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