Remove Marijke Rancie aka politicalpostingmumma from Facebook

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Polticalpostingmumma started off as a concerned mother about a School Bullying program, ie: Safe Schools. Since her first video rant she has now resorted to defamation of people’s character by posting personal photos from Facebook pages. Posting homophobic memes targeted at transgender individuals. Posting articles and posts calling for the removal of Safe Schools in Victoria. Lying about the content of and posting misleading information. 

The LGBTQI community have dealt with this kind of vitriol their whole lives, with marriage equality finally a reality in Australia, the hate and fear mongering her page creates amongst her followers is and should no longer be tolerated under any circumstances. 

The solution to the problem is to ban her from Facebook forever so she can no longer gain a following of people that appear to be happy discriminating against the LGBTQI community. 

There is no place in this country for a person using a Facebook page to drum up hate and violence. The page should be removed from Facebook ASAP.