Release art from censorship on Instagram

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Read it please! It is important! I am an artist, my name is Black Fury. In instagram you can know me as @blackfuryart. I use instagram to give everyone my creativity and for this I draw from 8 to 12 hours every day, seven days a week. I admire the beauty of the human body and carol about it in my works, as thousands of other artists throughout the history of mankind have done. Yesterday I was faced with cruel injustice. On my work “Morning Bliss” someone send a complaint about the content of obscene content (scenes of copulation and violence), which was not there. It depicts a girl with naked breasts. You will no longer find it work in my publications. Instagram deleted it. But when naked nipples began to equated with porn? When did female nipples become obscene and offensive? The human body is not immoral. The human body it is normal! In an attempt to gain power and money, individual communities of people created various ridiculous restrictions and prohibitions. One of them is a taboo of a naked body. I know that now by the rules instagram nudes are allowed in works of art. But Instagram does not observe with its rules. My publication was deleted and all the rest of my work is now not visible by any hashtag. Now my new publications are available only to a small percentage of people who follow me. It is very demotivating. My problem may seem small and not significant. But this applies to all adequate people. I am only one of many affected artists. Such uncontrolled satisfaction of anonymous complaints on social networks is similar to political repression in the Soviet Union since the time of Stalin. Denunciations has written on people, but no one was busy checking them. People were immediately sent to prison or to be shot. If someone complain them about a person for something, then he deserves it. Such was their the logic. Does this remind you of anything? Instagram completely isolated off from users and left only the opportunity to complain about each other without the possibility of an appeal. Someone may think that what is happening on the Internet is not related to reality. But this is not so. Social networks have firmly entered our lives. For example, today in Russia you can go to jail for Like or repost on the social network Vkontakte. If it seems to you that this is not possible in American or European society, then I have to upset you. It all starts small. Today we are forbidden to draw female nipples, and tomorrow all women will have to wear a bag that hides the whole body. And a woman will no longer be considered a human, but only a dirty animal, who not worthy to offend the human eye, a vessel that is suitable only for reproduction. It is unacceptable! Have you seen the series “The Handmaid's Tale” based on the novel by Margaret Atwood? It clearly demonstrates how quickly the way of life can change with the slightest concessions from society. How our weakness and indifference can bring us to our knees and shackle us. I do not want to return to the Middle Ages, where people were burned at the stake for their thoughts, feelings, research and even appearance. I do not want to live in a world where the natural will become forbidden, knowledge will become a sin, science will become a crime, truth will become a lie.

Therefore, I am appeal to the leadership of Instagram and personally to Mark Zuckerberg on behalf of all artists. I want to pay attention to the problem of censorship on social networks and specifically on Instagram. On behalf of all creators (artists, photographers, sculptors, writers and many others), I ask you to free all art from censorship. To free in fact, and not as it is happening now. I ask you to show people in the feed all the publications from those to whom they are subscribed. Users deserve to see what they choose for themselves. Respect their choice. I ask for a real support service with live people and the ability to appeal complaints. I know that it costs money, but I also know that you have it. We create content and let you earn millions on us. We deserve the right to communicate with a person, not with an answering machine, and that our problems be resolved. In addition, live people in the support service are new workplaces, this is an opportunity for you to help society, help instagrams, make it better. I understand that you introduce censorship because you do not want to lose your younger age audience. Therefore, make a separate application for children and teenagers as YouTube did. Call it "Instagram for kids" or "Insta for teens". You can use my idea for commercial purposes, I do not ask for anything in return, except the opportunity to create and share my work. I believe that we are the creators of the content for which people come to you, deserve the right to freely share our art.

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