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Reconsider the functionality for the free call feature on Facebook Messenger.

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As a young woman who frequents Facebook for family and friends, it is almost impossible to not have Facebook Messenger as it is the only way you can contact some people (cross country, elders, international, etc...). However, the use of Facebook has dramatically transformed from being for college students to study or cheat, to being able to contact family and friends. In early to mid 2013, Facebook introduced free calls/video calls, and at first that was a grand idea! Millions of people can finally call family or friends for free with no international charge, being the only form of calling for people who do not have or afford cellphone service, and a good opportunity for people to start online dating through Facebook easier. However, as time progressed, I have found the function to be absolute garbage. People who I add on Facebook are mixed, someone I am related to, people I know personally, some people I know mutually, and others I have never met or even know but we are Facebook friends. There should be an option where I can choose who can and cannot call me. I do not enjoy the fact that everyone can call me, because, if some of you who have never been in an toxic relation with someone, they will abuse the free call option and spam your phone until it dies, not giving you enough time to block them, or put your phone on airplane mode, or to delete the app because the call screen overlay comes up, and you cannot exit out of it with out pressing hangup. This effects the mental health for someone with social and or generalized anxiety, as well as PTSD, phone calls panic me and phone calls with repetition make it even worse (I know, it sounds absolutely silly, but people with social anxiety will understand). Even when you block a certain person for it, it is possible for anyone else to do it. It is an invasion of privacy, and abuse of cell service (some people do get charged for it, takes away data, space, etc...). I am asking for Mark Zuckerberg to revise, or the creators, people in charge of new features, to change this. This invasion of privacy has done several things to me, and caused me to permanently delete Messenger until it has changed because I cannot handle the spam and the constant migraine caused from a panic episode. 

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