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REMOVE Facebook LIVE STREAM Feature!

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We want Mark Zuckerberg to remove the Facebook live feature, this feature is being abused in a shocking way with live stream murders and suicides. People who are unfortunate to witness these live streams are scarred for life we cant unsee what we have been exposed to not to mention the loved ones of these innocent victims who witness their horrific murders unfolding LIVE and not being able to help its sick and traumatising. We live in a dark world where there are sick disturbed people out there who will use this feature for the wrong reasons, to get pay back on a ex partner to HURT them in unimaginable way. To see innocent people and even babies being murdered live on Facebook needs to STOP!! So please sign this petition and lets put a end to these LIVE STREAM killings! Please Mark Zuckerberg remove this facebook feature, do it for the innocent people who have had their innocent lives horrifically ended for everyone to see.

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