No more Facebook casual bans for honest advertisers

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Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

The past several months have seen controversy and some turmoil at Facebook. We are sorry you’ve had to deal with that. From having to testify before Congress, to policing content that prevents election tampering, you’ve got lots of challenges on your plate.
It’s no surprise that you struggle to keep everyone happy. Shareholders come first, government regulators come second, users of the platform are next and then way down at the bottom are the users of the platform who also happen to make up the sales numbers that keep your stock healthy and your investors, your number one, happy. Marketers!
Yes, marketers are the lifeblood of the platform, the engine that keeps the bottom line healthy and investors happy.
We're sure you are unaware of the chaos marketers are dealing with on a daily basis, I’m sure that you are doing your best to make certain the platform experience for everyone is outstanding, I’m sure of all of these things… And I’m also sure you have failed many of us.
Recently your A.I. and algorithm changes have began systematically shutting down respectable ad accounts, these are advertising accounts of businesses that spend hundreds of thousands, some millions of dollars or more on your platform. These are not selling snake oil, MLM’s, or unicorn solutions that make affiliates wealthy, no, these are legitimate businesses, businesses that support hundreds of employees and like us, have helped thousands of businesses generate billions of dollars in revenue.
In these months, our ad account was shut down without rhyme or reason for the second time in as many months.
When we ask for answers, we are given none. There is no one at Facebook who is able to tell us why. This begs the question, if your number one priority is keeping shareholders happy, then where is your accountability to marketers who are continually shut down without reason, justification, or an explanation?
When we ask what policy was violated we receive nothing more than boilerplate text.
Your ad account was disabled for not complying with the following policies:
Facebook Advertising Policies - all ads promoting products and services, as well as Page post content that is boosted, are required to comply with our Policies in order to create a safe environment for people on our platform. Please read through our Policies for more details including examples of do's and don'ts.
What You Can Do
Take our e-learning Blueprint course Ad Policies for Content, Creative, and Targeting to better understand our Advertising Policies as a whole.
Nowhere does it give us the option to get specific information, details of what policy may or may not have been violated, or example something in our work that may or may not have violated policy, nothing. Instead you simply shut down the ad account and move on with business as usual.
Allow me to now share the impact of this irresponsible behavior.
We are little advertisers, but we produces more ads for your platform than any big company in the world.
While our annual spend with Facebook has its ebbs and flows, we continue to spend tens of thousands of dollars per month, hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and we consistently deliver billions of dollars in generated revenue results for our clients.
We not only pay for Facebook services, but we are also vigilant in reporting the unfair practices of advertisers who, as for you, are our enemies because they damage not only the platform but also our business. We are on your side. 
Now, with our ad account shut down yet again, the impact of your algorithm is impacting our businesses. 
You see, not only does the shutdown of our ad account impact our company’s bottom line, it impacts the bottom line of our team members. Hundreds of people worldwide are impacted by this including employees, contractors, the families they support, the stores they shop in, and lastly the economy that drives our world.
Your algorithm shutting down one account without so much as a human interaction, without so much as an iota of accountability, has a global impact.
Mr. Zuckerberg, I’m glad that I’m not the one who has to explain to shareholders why the company is unstable, why people are abandoning the platform, or why Facebook’s revenue is sliding.
No, we only have to explain to our teams why we can’t advertise on Facebook. But we can’t actually explain why.
You may not have caused this problem, but as the owner of the business, you should well own both the problem and the solution.

What we are asking:

1. Give to real advertisers like us the chance to talk with real people, not bot, and to have real answers in our appel requests.

2. Give to real advertisers like us the chance to review our ads. We may fail, we are not perfect, we don't deserve to lost all our business for a mistake or two.

3. Give to real advertisers like us the chance to demonstrate that our business is not scam and that our profiles are real.

We think that Facebook is a fantastic platform, which has contributed to improving the lives of many people and which has allowed many others to realize their dreams, we are sure that if you listen to us, its role will become even more important in the lives of many families around the world.

A simple Facebook advertiser.