Help End Facebook's Double Standard Now!

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Help End Facebook's Double Standard Now!

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Attn: Facebook Admins,

Please stop pretending you stand for freedom of speech and expression.  Your actions clearly indicate that you are bias to a particular way of thinking.

We the undersigned do hereby demand a re-evaluation of Facebook's so-called 'Community Standards' as we feel that there exists a double standard in what is censored and what is permissible to post.

Banning photos of topless women while allowing the display of naked men, banning memes featuring harsh criticism of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while allowing memes that feature harsh criticism of former P.M. Stephen Harper, banning pro-Israel groups and Pages while allowing hate-speech Pages like 'Death to Israel" are all examples of double standards.

Facebook, you must re-evaluate your ambiguous Community Standards Policy.  We demand that you do conduct a thorough review.

You either stand by Freedom of Speech, Expression and Perspective, or you don't.  There is no middle ground on this issue.  You cannot have it both ways.

If you, Facebook, truly wish to enforce a liberal agenda or one particular mindset, then update your Community Standards to reflect your position.  You're a private company and are free to pursue that avenue should you choose.

You have a choice Facebook; either you stand with free speech or you stand against it.

Either way, you must take a stance and inform your users.

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This petition had 76 supporters

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