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Google and Yahoo slander lawsuit

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Theses companies as well as others have used my image in gaining viewers upon their pages and stories all across the web using my personal image in slanderous fashion..

To gain more viewers and spread the stories farther Google,Yahoo News,Blingcheese,M.g.I.d. travel ,torentz,and many more have used my personal image to gain more views,as we all know they get paid by the views they can generate on the stories they push around the world wide web

Most terrifying monsters that are real...

Places to never live in or visit..

We've all seen the adds..but these adds have recently been run with my photo attached to them...just to get you to look...I'm not involved in any stories and have not giving any company rights to use my image,

Slander ,is illegal..these companies should not be able to use my image without my personal permission...I know any image on the internet is in free domain,but putting me in these stories have cost me jobs and employment,making it hard to provide for my family...

Please help me Make these companies pay for using my personal image ..

Not a big deal you say...imagine if it were a picture of your loved ones being used to sell weight loss adds ,or your child's photo being used for something negative ,or your husband or wives photo being used in an add that went global...

I'm a father of four daughters..I'm not a bad man...not a criminal, not a killer , Not a monster...I'm a tattoo model being forced into Negativity by Corporations that could care less about anything other than paid Veiws..

Thank you please sign this petition and help me seek JUSTICE...

Thank you 

Anthony CrazyFace Sines


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