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Global Truth Campaigners: Facebook: Why do you keep blocking us?

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Global Truth Campaigners use social media to share their Citizen Campaigning with their peers.

At certain times, especially with elections looming or a major issue hitting the news, many of us have found ourselves blocked from using some or all features of Facebook. Messages to Facebook at not responded to. Explanations are not given. We are not told how many shares, to our own friends list or our own groups list, is too many shares.

We find a common shared suspicion of political or ideological motivation to these bans, especially when Truths that we have to share are challenging or difficult: such as the criminal activities of US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

We see Facebook, Twitter,  and Google, entering the halls of the powerful and making agreements. But we do not know what these agreements are. We see US Presidential candidate Donald Trump criticise Facebook, and others, for their algorithms

We petition for Mark Zuckerberg to meet with us, virtual means is fine, and talk with us.

We would like Mr Zuckerberg to tell us how he will accommodate us and our freedom of speech and action to allow us to follow our calling without hindrance or interference.

We suggest a new status "Citizen Campaigner" that can be given to Truth Campaigners to allow them to share each post once, to all of their friends list and all of their groups list without let or interference. People who become our friends want to see our content. Groups that grant us membership consent to see our content: and if they change their mind, they unfriend us or remove us from the group, with no need for Facebook involvement

And we require Facebook to disclose its criteria in numerical values for its automatic blocking procedures, so we can be assured, "over sharing" is not an excuse, for Facebook blocking a Truth it does not like because of its own corporate agenda bias

*Signing this petition* all are welcome to sign and support this petition. However, if you are a Truth Campaigner who has been blocked by Facebook, can you please write TESTIMONY: I am...this is my story of being blocked by Facebook... and a comment. The aim being, to collect testimony with the petition that Face book can be called to account for

Demanding Answers and not taking it lying down for all of us:


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