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Get Dominic Schmidt off Facebook and the help he needs

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Dominic Schmidt is simply not fit to be on Facebook, nether the less social media. Dominic Schmidt, 20, of Cincinnati, Ohio uses Facebook as a means to bully, harass, and be mentally unstable.

Dominic Schmidt is known for sending many individuals unwanted videos and/or photos of himself screaming, punching himself in the groin, and many other things that aren't suit for the platform. Some of these videos are going to underaged girls, which is very unpleasing. Although this is something very inappropriate - there are many people on his profile that praise him for the immature and selfless act and actually ask for these videos. Dominic pressures individuals to share these videos (as well as tagging his profile) so he can gain popularity and have more opportunities and people to send unwanted videos to.

Dominic Schmidt not only uses this platform to share unwanted and sometimes explicit videos, but he uses it to harass those who don't agree with his actions. Dominic will attack anybody who remotely doesn't like him and he will even create fake Facebook accounts to continue harassing those who block or ignore him. At one point, Dominic had sent 11 voice messages crying, 5 missed calls, and 80 messages to a girl who had done nothing but voice that what he uses Facebook for is wrong.

Also, Dominic Schmidt has used his Facebook account to solicit money from individuals with false GoFundMe campaigns, which is considered fraud and punishable by law.

Last but not least, Dominic Schmidt has made numerous posts about his unstable mental state. Although much of these posts about his depression or how he is crying is for attention, I feel as if he should seek help for an actual underlying possibility of a mental illness. Dominic has stated in multiple Facebook status' that he doesn't want to be alive.

Within my research into Dominic, I've come to find that his father (whom he resides with), Mark Schmidt, condones his sons actions and has also been known to take part in some videos. I believe that Dominic possibly grew up in a broken home, and may have been bullied himself growing up - which can be forever damaging into his adult years if he doesn't seek the help he needs. A man doing these things and expressing his unstable mentality is only setting himself up to in the future self-destruct and can eventually became a danger to himself or people around him.

In the time I've experienced, known, heard and have personally seen things - I condemn that Dominic Schmidt is NOT stable for Facebook and should get some professional help and/or counseling as it is needed.

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