For Facebook to update their TOS to include antivax posts as advocating harm to others.

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Anti Vaccine propaganda spreads mostly through memes, and fake news articles and hidden antivax groups on Facebook. They are spreading lies and misdirection that can and DOES directly cause harm to others, including those that don’t believe in their dogma, such and those who are immunosuppressed from cancer treatments, small children too young to vaccinate, and the tiny perfectage for which a particular vaccine isn’t effective. By spreading these false articles, they are directly calling for these people to be harmed, and advocating harm to others is already against Facebook terms of service.

Additionally, sharing these false medical stories about vaccines constitutes giving medical advice without a license. This is a violation of FDA protocols. People have been charged with practicing medicine without a license for making medical recommendations before, and these antivaxxers are doing the exact same thing. This needs to be stopped.

This petition is to call upon the FDA and Facebook to step in and stop these lies. All the science disagrees with these dangerous reports, and children have died because of this. Enough is enough. Stop the anti vaccine posts for good.

(image from ASAPScience)