FAKEbook for FaceCROOKS

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Every single minute of every single day a new victim on Facebook" is SCAMMED.

Everything from Fake Business pages, Facebook Lotteries, Federal Grants, Knock off products, Hacked accounts, BitCoin Scams, Romance Scams, Fixed bets, Prescription drugs, Porn pages, Immigration Scams, Job Scams etc.  You name it, that scam is ON Facebook.

Did you know that Facebook sent out a survey asking users opinions about 'solicitation of an adult male asking a 14 year old child for 'sexual pictures?'

Mr. ZuckerBerg has called Facebook its own country!  Now if he knew the first thing about a country, it would be that RULES have to be applied to a society.  It would be all nice and tidy if the people of his country could govern themselves, however, there is not a country that has been able to master that concept.  Hence the need for Rules of conduct.

This Petition requires that Facebook be held accountable for the scammers that run rampant on facebook.  When the 'citizens' of Facebook report the scammers, and Facebook does NOTHING and more citizens fall victim to the scam, Facebook should be held accountable.

Mark Zuckerberg has had the audacity to actually call us "DUMB F***Ks, yes, he really did!!

Mr. Zuckerberg, we'd like to see you hold back 10% of your advertising revenue to compensate ALL the victims of 'reported' Fake Pages, Fake Profiles, Fake Immigration Consultants, Fake Job recruiters, Fake Bitcoin traders, Fake Federal Grants, Fake Facebook Lottery pages/profiles, Drug sellers and ALL the we haven't included in this list.

Please Help us Help you feel safer on Facebook.  Tell Mark Zuckerberg he's NOT doing enough to protect his citizens!!