Facebook: Stop Censoring Open Relationships & Imposing Your Morality on my Sexuality

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We're Holding Facebook Accountable, Lets Keep the Pressure Up!

Hello all!

We're so proud to see that our petition (bitly.com/open-petition) has passed 2500 signatures. Because you all have helped us spread the word we've received an outpouring of support and a lot of new members joining our community. 

Since launching the petition, we've reached out to Facebook to continue the conversation and appeal the advertising rejection and have not heard back. We've also received a formal rejection from Twitter. We've reached out to them to ask them to clarify why they think our app is an "Adult sexual product [or] service."

We've seen quite a bit of interest in our troubles with Facebook from the press. Check it out:

Insider: Facebook has blocked a queer and polyamorous-friendly dating app from posting ads, saying there isn't a global appetite for it

TNW: Facebook uses its ad policies to block apps that compete with its dating service

Input: Facebook's ad policies are icing out nontraditional dating apps

InsideHook: Facebook Has Banned Ads From Kink and Poly Dating App #Open

Short and Sweet NYC: David Epstein of the Dating App #open on the Issue with Facebook

We're not done yet, though; it's really vital that we keep the momentum rolling. We may not be able to advertise, but Facebook and Twitter can't stop us from sharing and signal boosting the petition on their platforms. We won't survive without your support—please help us spread the word!

Share our petition (bitly.com/open-petition) with your favorite sex-positive groups on Facebook, story or tweet it, signal boost it in your reddit threads & on tumblr, tell an open-minded friend, or message us at support@hashtagopen.com for swag to hand out to your local meetup groups. Every bit helps—together we can tell Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the man-made internet that censoring our sexuality is not okay! 

1 year ago