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Facebook's Policy Regarding Medically Based Photos

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Dear Mr Zuckerberg,

I am writing to ask that you please revise your policy regarding medically based photos posted on Facebook, to include breast reduction photos as acceptable.

Many women, including myself, who have had this surgery, have done so after suffering years of back, neck, and shoulder pain. This is not a cosmetic procedure. As any insurance company will verify, there are medical requirements which need to be met, prior to approval for this procedure.

There are many support groups, which deal with the issues leading up to, and after surgery. These groups are invaluable, and paramount to our respective journeys.

Pictures help in the recovery process. They also help those considering the procedure, to make a well informed decision.

We are not exhibitionists, by any means. We carry scars, both physical, and emotional,. These scars tell the story of our battle, and ultimate victory over pain.

We merely want to be able to help other women out there, who are dealing with the same issues. Having our photos reported, removed, and facing a possible ban, does little to help.

These pictures could posted in closed groups, and requirements for access could be put into place for access to these groups.

All we are asking for is fair consideration.



Matilda L. Fisher 






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