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Facebook must change their Memorial Page Policies!!!

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I recently lost my husband to suicide. He assigned me legacy but was accidentally deleted from his page weeks before he died. As a result, I was deleted as his legacy. I wasn't ready to report his death to facebook for I wanted to ensure the settings on the account were the way they should have been. But someone other than his own wife or parent reported his death and within just a matter of days! Facebook only requirement to report a page to be memorialized is to be an immediate family member. No need to show a death certificate. Now, because of faulty Fb policy, my husband's young children, ages 2 and 4 have been robbed of being able to be added to his memorial page along with his parents who had not been on his page at the time of death. We have been robbed of the opportunity to manage his page. 

Like many of us widows and widowers, Facebook's low requirements on who can report a death has left us feeling incomplete. Angry. Hurt. Distraught. As with many parents who have lost their children. 

Why is it that anyone other than the spouse of a loved one or their parents has precedence over who can request a page to be memorialized?

This is an important part of the grieving process! It is absolutely devastating! 

Mark Zuckerberg, how would you feel if your wife passed away forgetting to put a legacy on the account (or in my case, accidentally deleted) and there was no way your young children could ever be added to her memorial page? How would you feel if someone other than yourself requested that page to be memorialized? 

Mark Zuckerberg, who can report a death, or who has priority reporting, needs to be changed!! And if a page can be managed, why deny the spouse or parent to do so? 

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