Remove The Facebook Page 'Fuck "Palestine"'

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It came to my attention today that there exists a page on Facebook called Fuck "Palestine". Over 50 people have reported this page already, as this page is not only racially discriminating an entire nation, but posting harmful and racist videos, comments and threats to Palestinians. The link itself contains "FUPalestine".

All claims thus far have been totally dismissed.

There have been deaths on both sides of this war (numbers differing), but this is pure hatred and discrimination. Racism and misguided hatred won't solve any problems. 

If you want to see for yourself, here is a link:

I think this is fundementally wrong and the fact that all claims have been dismissed shows the political bias that Facebook holds. 
Please sign if you would like to see this page removed. Racism and zionism is never an answer to war. 

Edit 27/08/14:
I can't believe I even have to type this, but yes, pages called "Fuck Israel" are just as bad. Neither types of discriminatory pages should be allowed on Facebook. I believe that these pages are inefficient and very harmful to having peaceful discussions about difficult topics. They create a culture of hatred and don't help the real victims who are suffering in this war. 

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