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Facebook Harasses Black Women and Femmes Who Speak Out Against Racism

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My name is Dolly Vicious, or as some may know me as Dolly Vicieux.

I, and Many like me who are black femmes or black women that take to social media to use our voices are often unfairly silenced. If it isn't the white nationalist pages of Facebook not being seen has a threat or as hate speech when we report these pages, it is when Facebook admins decide to disable our accounts or post block us for extended periods of time, and even in some cases force us to submit our identity for "verification"

This isn't one case. For me personally, this is st least my 10th Facebook account that has met the same fate, and I know of others who have had MORE. I would be more understanding if I did something wrong. I don't post nudity, I don't post gore/violence, I literally just use my platform to speak out against social issues, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that Facebook places favor on White Privilege than they do anything else.

I am demanding that Facebook release ALL OF these wrongfully disabled accounts as well as the accounts that are temporarily disabled that are owned by black femmes and black women. I'm also asking Mark Zuckerburg to take some accountability in regards to his socially insensitive employees who harass black activists on this website.

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