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Facebook, change your community standards to allow images of women giving birth!

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Dear Facebook, 
We understand the importance of tight regulations on violent images that abuse the rights of individuals or that are violently offensive to the viewer. But let's address your double standards.

Birth is not this. 

An image of a woman in her power, raw and unhindered, doing as her body is designed to, does not threaten humanity. It empowers women. It shows other women not to fear birth and instead, find strength in knowing that their bodies were built for giving life and not for just giving sexual gratification.

Once upon a time it was illegal for women to show their ankles. Facebook would have upheld this moral code. Times change. Now Facebook shows ankles. Its normal to see ankles.

As a Facebook user, I respect your tight regulations. Women have been overly sexualised. We only need to look through the many pages on Facebook to see the inappropriate sexualised images that are soft (and not so soft) porn of young women that are allowed to stay on Facebook for some reason, despite being reported as offensive, are considered ok? Footage of violent beheadings are shared by the thousands, are left on Facebook. 

But when an image of a woman is shown birthing her baby in nudity, the image(s) is removed, citing that it 'goes against Facebook's Community Standards'. With all due respect Facebook, times are changing and we need to allow for changing views on birth, women's bodies and their right to be depicted in a manner that is only natural, giving birth as nature intended. We are mammals. That's what we do - give birth. Why is there a need to censor this?

Let's have a look at the Community Standards.

6. Social Value

Your principles reflect social value - the social value of birth and the sharing of birth stories is growing as women reclaim their birth rites. 

People should have the freedom to build trust and reputation through their identity and connections, and should not have their presence on the Facebook Service removed for reasons other than those described in Facebook's "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities."

In signing this petition we ask that you honour this freedom to build trust and reputation through identity and connection, and that women who choose to represent their birth experience visually on Facebook are not threatened with removal. 

7. Safety

In Facebook's statement of Rights and responsibilities of under "Safety", birth images are not unsafe. They are strong and raw and they honour a woman's birth rite. They are the beginning of changing our cultural values and beliefs around the fear myth we are fed about birth.
In point 7 it states "You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence."
Yes these images contain nudity but they are not sexualised.


We understand that Facebook is mindful of avoiding nudity so as to not sexualise or offend. As a mother and a woman, an image of a woman in a bikini or obviously naked on horseback is so much more offensive for my children to see.

There is nudity and there is nudity. By removing images of women giving birth, you are censoring the incredible power of women's bodies, made to not only stand, walk, run and jump but to carry a baby for 9 months and to birth their babies from their own bodies. You are censoring images that empower women about their own bodies in a context that is non-sexual. 

The date of the last revision for these documents was January 2015. This document is well due for revision. Attitudes, values and beliefs are fast changing. Facebook is progressive and contemporary, with it reflects the value, free speech, respect for rights of individuals and freedom from violence. Images of birth should not be censored.

Don't be a Donald Trump. Come out of the dark ages and tactfully adjust your policies to allow for empowering Birth Photography.


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