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End Facebook Video Ads

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Facebook once was a good place to consume a small amount of media every day. Unfortunately, they have made the decision to place Mid-role ads into videos in an aggressive attempt to force you to watch them- they often appear when something exciting is about to happen. These ads are annoying, intrusive and completely ruin any immersion you have. Facebook was already very successful before they rolled this out, and so I see this as a greedy ploy that only benefits Facebook, the mega-pages and the companies paying for ads. This fincancial benefit comes at the cost of the billions of daily users that have no other real option in terms of social media. For me, it completely ruins my experience and I suspect it is the same for many more. This isn’t even the worst part. 

Many of the videos they are monetizing are copyrighted. Theses videos, that are posted by mega-pages, are shared from other pages or stolen directly from YouTube or other video websites. Profiting from other people’s content, without their express permission,  is criminal and should not be tolerated! 

 Please sign this this petition with the hopes that Facebook will listen to its consumers and eliminate this abomination. 

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